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Transforming the Ordinary into Extraordinary: Demystifying Organizational Change by leveraging data and behavioral science

Experience the magic of a frictionless organizational transformation like never before. Our specialties are:

Change Management focuses on the people in the organization. Communicating a new process or vision whether internally, externally, or both requires buy-in, removing roadblocks, testing, and ultimately wide-spread acceptance.  

We take the drama out of change management. Leveraging behavioral science and AI, we employ a holistic approach customized to each client’s needs and effectively bridge the gap between strategy and execution. 

Tech and AI Adoption is the acceptance and implementation of innovative scientific principles or products to enhance work processes or methodologies. Successful adoption creates time efficiencies, effectiveness, or reduces employee frustration around a task. 

We make our clients’ lives easier. Whether they are adopting new or leveraging existing software in their existing tech stack, our team meets users where THEY are, takes fear out of change, and makes adoption easy. 

Organization Design is the analysis of a company’s reporting hierarchy (people), current processes, or both and developing alignment strategies to help company’s reach their goals and objectives. 

When embarking on an organization design project, we not only consider the tangible results and achievement goals but also the intangible components such as a company’s culture, its current state, and desired future. Utilizing data analysis, I/O Psychology, and behavioral science we find hidden opportunities and challenges and help our clients navigate them to achieve their goals while ensuring long-term sustainability for growth. 

Post Merger Integration (PMI) is a process where two or more businesses combine to operate as one entity. Often requiring re-arranging of operations, assets, and cultures to become a unified organization. 

We serve as the vital link between strategy and execution, providing expert guidance to merge your culture, teams, and operations. Combining change and organization design best practices, we empower your team for seamless adaptation. 

Transform Resistance into Readiness

You’re in charge of implementing changes at your company, and you know that it’s going to be a difficult process. Whenever you try to introduce new ideas or initiatives, there are always team members who throw up roadblocks and cause drama.

Imagine having a team that is not only enthusiastic about change, but supportive of it! We can help turn those brick walls into bridges by providing training and coaching for your employees on how to effectively navigate changes within the workplace. With our expertise in change management techniques, we can ensure smooth sailing during any transition.

At Culminate Strategy Group, we understand the challenges of introducing change in an organization. That’s why our services focus on empowering your team with the skills they need to embrace and adapt to new processes seamlessly. Say goodbye to politics, drama, and headaches – let us guide you through successful transformations every time. So, when those eager volunteers come knocking again, instead of dreading their reactions, you’ll welcome them with open arms knowing that Culminate Strategy Group has equipped your team for success.


Where Talent Meets Transformation

Embark on a transformative journey with Culminate Strategy Group, where magic meets strategy to turn your visions of growth and transformation into tangible triumphs. Specializing in guiding leaders through the alchemy of change by predicting and outmaneuvering drama, empowering your organization to realize your most ambitious goals, improving employee satisfaction, and enhancing revenue. Let us help you navigate the path of change with expert insight, ensuring every step leads to success.

We understand the challenges of implementing and executing a new strategy within a team. Our consultants will work with your team to build their confidence and capabilities, so they are equipped to handle any changes that come their way. Together, let's turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

A Little bit of Magic

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We utilize data science and our staff of I/O psychologists to guide your leadership team and organization through a unique and innovative approach to change management.

Ready to get started on your journey? This is what you can expect from us:

  1. Consultation
  2. A custom strategy designed to meet your business where it is today. Employing our methodology of:
    1. Align- vision, strategy, and mindsets
    2. Alchemy- analytics, performance opportunities, and a strategic roadmap
    3. Achieve- change management, adoption, advisory, organization design
  3. Sign contract and outline the statement of work

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