Get Fast...Faster.

We help Transformational Leaders Manage Change, Growth, and Data.


Get Fast...Faster.

Change is hard - especially when markets and technology are quickly changing around you.

Are you ready for disruption?

The Transformation Conundrum

Digital Transformation is something that CIOs have been doing since we started using excel to take paper ledger books away from accountants. The challenge is that until now companies, business leaders, and corporate culture have been able to evolve slowly along with advancements in technology.

Digital Transformation has evolved.

Optimization vs Transformation

Digital Transformation now means that company leaders must drive fundamental change strategy, culture, products, and operations to meet customer expectations. For most companies that level of change isn't standard operating procedure, so the stakes and the risk of failure are high.


Blow Up The Silos

Most of the challenges we see are functional teams that innovate in silos with varying degrees of success. When they stall - it's often because change isn't driven holistically from the leadership team.

We quickly become the right hand to transformational leaders to help them prioritize, manage change, and get stuff done.

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Anticipate. Design. Transform.

Culminate Strategy Group is a data-centric digital transformation consultancy. We tame disparate data, get teams on the same page, and empower companies to manage data-centric innovation and change.

We use our strengths in data science, Design Thinking, and good old-fashioned MBA strategy help business leaders take a pragmatic look at their organizational readiness, pinpoint where the company is in their digital evolution, and create a transformation roadmap.

We bring the strategic, organizational, data, and IT chops to meet your transformation where it is today and guide you down the path to success.

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Core Team

Karrie Sullivan
Principal & Chief Transformation Officer

I translate technology & market trends into Digital Transformation strategy and execution.

I fill the role of "Chief Transformation Officer" for client companies, helping them continue to close the gap between Technology, Big Data Teams, and the C-Suite so they can drive revenue and innovation faster.

After more than 25 years in Marketing/Sales, Strategy, and Operations I've become great at building those diverse high performing teams you read about in case studies. I have worked across enterprise, middle-market, private equity, venture capital, and profitable privately held companies.

Stewart Campbell

My work experience is grounded in traditional marketing principals and brand development, with an early transition to digital marketing as the field developed. Work experience includes all aspects of general and digital marketing - web and site development, online software development, portals and intra/extranets, search engine optimization, search media, display media, social networking, content development, visibility strategy; and in the offline world: shopper marketing, print advertising, TV, Radio, in-store promotions, event marketing, sponsorship marketing, retail marketing and merchandising.

Kevin Gilsdorf
Design & UX Guru

My path has allowed me to craft award-winning creative teams, brand strategies, process where valuable and bold messages across a marketing mix; including interactive experiences. My belief is core insights and ideas generally drive tactics, but tactics also have a way of igniting ideas, so always remain open to innovation. My portfolio involves innovation in: behavioral change, product development and test marketing.  It's the act of innovation I love most.

Kellie Matijasevic
Revenue Change Maker

I take complex sales and marketing problems and turn them into innovative, creative solutions, ultimately driving productivity and profitability. With an education in advertising and a heavy background in sales, marketing, and change-management, I have developed a passion for growing businesses and building brands. I connect the dots between traditional thinking and “old” business models with new and innovative strategies. My professional road has allowed me to work in many facets of industries, identifying strong growth opportunities and developing results-driven execution.


The answer is usually: “It depends on what you’re trying to do.”

AI comes in a lot of different flavors - heck some platforms are giving their bots away for free for a year. The bottom line is that you need to start with a strategy & plan.

Shane Fogle@fogle_shane

Should you build or buy AI?

Why is #DataScience like the movie "Jason and the Argonauts?" ‘Cause the #DataScience journey is fraught with terrifying unknowns! 👹Read how Data Science is different than #SoftwareDevelopment @DataScienceCtrl. @HitachiVantara @CloudExpo @ipfconline1

TFW the whole conference says “happy birthday” to your daughter because you’re educating on how #BLOCKCHAIN #AI and #iot work together in manufacturing.

Large companies fail when they 1) miss a business model transition combined with a technology change or 2) they continue to do the right thing too long. @JohnTChambers

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